Huong Tra (Richmond) Seedy San Pablo Avenue hides its treasures well behind dim storefronts, but East Bay epicures have sniffed out Huong Tra's Vietnamese delicacies like a pack of truffle hunters. Everything comes in eye-popping quantities and adorned with herbs and crisp veggies. Among stalwart standards such as eight kinds of pho are delightful surprises, including shrimp on sugarcane and green mussels in ginger sauce. An orange hued pancake packed full of shrimp, bean sprouts, and basil is crunchy and soft, fried and fresh all at once. Friendly waiters warn you when you're venturing into "traditional Vietnamese" territory; accept the dare.

Huong Tra Vietnamese Restaurant & Deli
12221 San Pablo Suite 8, Richmond, CA 94806
Tel: (510) 234-7428

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